KERSA Punch and Judy Shop

A Family Business with Tradition

Since 1925, the family business Kersa has stood for first-class quality in the field of hand puppets and Punch and Judy puppets. Each Punch and Judy figure is lovingly handcrafted at the Mindelheim location. With over 300 different models, Kersa offers the largest selection of Punch and Judy puppets across Europe, each puppet having its own personality and distinctive charm.

The Kersa Punch and Judy Play: Promoting Communication and Creativity

Playing with Kersa hand puppets and Punch and Judy figures enhances children's communication and creativity. Through puppet play, children can playfully process their own impressions and experiences from everyday life. Kersa products require neither a power button nor batteries and are solely driven by the children's imagination.

The Popularity of the Punch and Judy Theatre

The Punch and Judy theatre captivates both young and old alike. Through playing with Punch and Judy puppets, children develop important social and emotional skills. The main character, Punch, is a funny, clumsy hero who invites children to laugh and play, helping them to develop a variety of problem-solving strategies.

hand carved wooden heads
hand-painted punch and judy figures
high quality materials

Quality and Sustainability

Kersa is committed to sustainable quality and responsible production. The use of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials and compliance with strict Eco-Tex standards underscore the company's commitment to ecological and social standards. This not only ensures a clean environment but also secures jobs in the region.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Kersa places great emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability. The company focuses on long-lasting products that outlive short-lived trends and are easily recyclable. The employees of Kersa are at the heart of the company, hence the focus on the best possible development of talents and a pleasant working atmosphere. In logistics too, Kersa focuses on sustainability by using CO2-neutral parcel service providers and recyclable packaging.


Kersa stands for tradition, quality, and sustainability. The loving production of each individual Punch and Judy figure and Kersa hand puppet in Germany guarantees a unique play experience for children. By fostering communication and creativity, Kersa products contribute to the development of important skills in children, while the company simultaneously has a positive impact on the environment and society.

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